ReadifyRM Installation Guide


This guide has been created for the step-by-step installation process to be done once an end user purchases the ReadifyRM application.

How to install the app?

From SharePoint store

Once the customer has received the license key, the next step is to proceed and add it to the SharePoint site. For the same, the end user will need to follow below steps:

  • Create a new SharePoint site or use an existing SharePoint site, which will be used for adding the application.
  • The next step would be to add the application to the SharePoint site from the SharePoint store. For the same, navigate to the Site Contents page from the SharePoint site settings, thereafter, click on + New > App from the top left corner, and click on From SharePoint Store. Please refer to the images attached below for reference.
  • Click on Find more apps in SharePoint store.
  • Search for the application by using the keyword ReadifyRM, and then press enter.
  • The search result will show the application as below, click on the application name and then click on Add to Apps Site.
  • This will open up a pop up as shown in the image attached below. Click on the Add button.
  • Click on the Add button as shown in the image below.
  • Once that is done, the end user can edit their existing SharePoint site page, and add the application. For the same, click on edit button located on the top right corner of your SharePoint page in which you’ll like to add the application.
  • Once you open the SharePoint page in edit mode, you’ll be able to see the plus (+) icon when hovering in the middle of page. Refer below screenshot for reference.
  • This will open the app tray, search the ReadifyRM app, click on the app, and republish the page.

From Microsoft AppSource

To install the application from the Microsoft AppSource, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on Get it now.
  • You may be asked to sign in with your work account if you are not already signed in. Enter you work account email and proceed with login.
  • Click on Get it now.
  • You will then be redirected to the SharePoint store, where you will need to complete the same steps as mentioned in guide to install from SharePoint store

How to activate licensing once you have the product key?

We are providing the end users with a free of cost trial license for the initial 7 days. For the same, the users would be having following inclusions and exclusions in the application:

  • Ability to provide access to up to 10 users in the organization.
  • Users will not have access to the Power BI reports for the trial license.

Once the application has been added to the page, you will be prompted to enter the license key to access the application. Please refer the below image for reference. Enter a valid license key, which you’ll be able to retrieve from the readify365 portal, and then click on activate.

Once that is done, the user would be redirected to the license management page in the application, where they can add/remove the users as per need.

Note: For authorized access, the work email using which the user has purchased the license in the readify365 portal, and the work email used for initial application configuration should be the same.

User Management

Add User

Select the user from the user field.

Select the role from the drop-down.

Select the core capabilities from the drop-down which the user can access.
Now click on the Add button to add the user.

*First-time users must have to be assigned admin role using which the purchase has been made.


Edit User/ Change Admin

Click on the pencil icon/edit button.

Now change the role or permission of the user. Then click on the Update button.

User details are updated.

Assign another user as Admin. Then click on the Update button to update the user details.

A new User was assigned as Admin. And user details are also updated.

*To change the admin user must change the role of the existing admin to a member. Only then you can assign another user as Admin.

*Only one user can be the admin at a time.


Enable or Disable User

The default user is enabled.

To change click the button beside the edit button.

Save Details

Click on submit to save all details.