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Readify, LLC is looking for a select group of healthcare provider types to provide valuable feedback on its new risk management application. As a Microsoft approved SharePointTM application, ReadifyRM is easy to download from the SharePointTM App store and seamlessly integrates into your organization’s existing MS365TM platform. So if you are ready to take your hazard vulnerability analysis to a new level, contact us using the link below to get your FREE license key.

Introducing Readify RM

Readify RM – Your Comprehensive Risk Management Solution

Welcome to the world of Readify RM, a comprehensive risk management application. It seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 platform, making it a Microsoft-approved SharePoint application. This application empowers you with the data, analytics, and insights you need to transform risk into a strategic advantage.

Vulnerability Assessment

The first crucial step in the HVA process is to gauge your organization’s vulnerability to various hazards and threats.

Hazard Identification

Identify, define and contextualize... Identify and define potential hazards your organization may encounter, from natural calamities to modern-day threats.

Hazard Impact Analysis

Objectively measure impact by automatically mapping threats to the vulnerability assessment.

Mitigation Plan

Automate mitigation strategies, track progress and manage stakeholder engagement.

HVA Report

Experience the power of real-time reporting with Readify RM. Instantly reflect changes in comprehensive reports, from high-level summaries to in-depth hazard reports.

What We Offer?

Why Choose Readify RM?

  • Microsoft-approved SharePoint application
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 platform
  • Simplifies hazard mitigation planning
  • Real-time reporting for easy sharing of critical risk information

Experience Real-Time Reporting with ReadifyRM

To give you a glimpse of what Readify RM can do, we have provided a sample of our Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) Report. This report is a cornerstone of our application, playing a pivotal role in the recognition, prioritization, and mitigation of potential hazards.


Effortless Accessibilities with
Readify RM

  • Seamless Integration: Readify RM seamlessly syncs with your Microsoft 365 platform, allowing you to access your risk management data from anywhere, anytime.

  • Real-Time Updates: Any changes or updates made within the application are instantly reflected across all synced devices, ensuring everyone stays up-to-date with the latest risk information.

  • Flexible Access: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing Readify RM on multiple devices, giving you the freedom to manage risks on the go or from the comfort of your office.

  • Secure Data: Rest assured that your risk management data is securely synced across devices, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: With synced data, generate comprehensive reports on any device, ensuring stakeholders have access to the latest risk insights whenever they need them.

Built Different

What Sets Readify RM Apart?

Discover the Unique Features of Readify RM That Differentiate It from Other Risk Management Applications

Seamless Integration: Readify RM seamlessly syncs with your Microsoft 365 platform, allowing you to access your risk management data from anywhere, anytime.

Holistic Approach: It covers vulnerability assessment, hazard identification, impact analysis, and mitigation planning in one comprehensive solution.

Real-Time Reporting: Unlike traditional risk management tools that may offer static or delayed reporting, Readify RM provides instant updates and comprehensive reports.


Discover the Unique Features
of Readify RM

Signing up for Readify RM is quick and easy. In just few minutes, you can gain access to a comprehensive risk management solution that will transform the way you manage risk in your organization.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined registration process ensures you can get started without any delays.
  • Accessibility: Access your risk management platform from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Security: Rest assured, your data is securely stored within our MS 365 account, following our stringent security protocols. At Readify, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your information, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access.

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